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             "Whatever it takes" to lubricate your
performance, efficiency and profitability

We know that an effective lubrication programma is critical for smooth performance, optimum efficiency, and increased reliability.

While maintaining lower costs to boost profitability.

We supply all major brands with full OEM approval

Our competitive prices are down to our buying power. Being a well-known

and long-term preferred lubricants partner for many established shipping

companies, we buy in large volumes. This includes an extensive portfolio

of individual lubricants. Each designed specifically to provide optimum

performance for your particular engines and equipment.

Flexible credit. Simple terms

In addition to our good prices, we assist our clients with flexible individual credit lines and simple contract terms.

Supply is quick and accurate

To help meet your deadlines, our global supply network ensures that you’re supplied quickly and accurately. No matter where in the world you operate, we do whatever it takes to provide the best solution.

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      Just a call away


Each SBI lube team member is an experienced player in the

 global marine lubricants market. We can also provide you with technical, operational and logistic support.


We’re always on hand to help answer your questions, and

provide the best solution possible for your orders. We all know that supplies can be complicated. With our network, we do whatever it takes to get your products on board.

On time. In any port of the world.

A worldwide provider for marine chemicals
In addition to our bunkering and lubricant services, we supply a wide range of chemicals and related products

for the merchant marine industry in many ports around the globe.

Our related products and services include:

• Gases

• Welding equipment

• Tank cleaning

• Water treatment

• Maintenance

• Safety

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