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Our purpose

Live "whatever it takes"



>To be known as the company that will do ‘whatever it takes’ to be your trusted and preferred trading partner.

>To exceed expectations for all your lubrication and chemical requirements worldwide.



Our vision serves to guide the direction of our business.

>Use our past experience in the International shipping industry to provide fresh thinking and new solutions.

>Be pragmatic when we need to save a customer time and money.

>Yet think out the box when a new solution is required.



Our values serve as our ship’s compass.

It describes how we behave towards our customers and suppliers across the world >>>



We speak your language
>From large oil majors to small fishing fleets, we must be able to speak your language. 

>Marine background: Our staff knows this because most come from a marine background. It’s in their nature to do whatever it takes to be up to date with developments in marine and oil markets.




Teamwork is vital to the success of our trading business

>Solid team: It’s important for us to have a solid and experienced team working with our customers.

>Long-term team players: Most members on our team have been with us at least five years. Many started with the company in 1990. 

>Long-term relationships: Developing a long-term relationship with customers and suppliers will bring the best value to all parties involved.


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Long-term financial strength

>Solid base: We have a solid, conservative, fiscal background. 

>Solid status: Based on our sound financial status, we are able to purchase all products requested by our customers. 

>This status gives our customers the advantage of surety, continuity and reliability in their supply chain.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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